Working on the core project on my Macbook, finished my bits, commited my code. Getting home pulling the code and BAAAAM! No longer compiles. It complains about wwwroot/css/all.css (bundle result) ... WTF? All Nuget dependecies show up as this:

  • Did restore from IDE
  • Did restore from console "dotnet restore"
  • Clean / Rebuild
  • Updated Visual Studio to 15.5.6
  • Cleaned \AppData\Local\Microsoft\VisualStudio\15.0_d86cf2b9\ComponentModelCache

Still can't fire it up as it complains about the freaking bundle result file (all.css)!

So what actually happened?

It turned out that I messed up my CSS while working on my Macbook (still getting used to the tiny keyboard) and the VS bundler could not bundle and minify files. Still don't understand why would it mess up references to NuGet packages and how it is related.