This tutorial will show you how to get TensorFlow gpu running on your Windows 10 without Docker or Linux Bash.

I will be using** Nvidia GTX 1070**:

Nvidia GTX 1070

1. Get Python 3.6 installer

2. Get CUDA 8

cuda_8.0.61_win10.exe – 2017 release

3. Get CUDNN (need to register as nvidia developer first)

You should end up with this:


4. Install Python

5. Install CUDA 8

6. Extract cudnn to any location

(let’s say c:\programs\nvidia\cudnn)

7. Set Windows Path:


8. Create folder c:\tensorflow and open command line

9. Validate installation

10. Git clone or download zip of tensorflow

Extract image_retraining directory

Place it in


11. Use flowers example

Download download flower images and place it in


12. Run command:


If you by any chance get this error:

Try different CUDNN version.

As I remember well it was giving me this error while using cuDNN v7.0.2 (Sept 7, 2017), for CUDA 8.0 and changing it to cuDNN v6.0 (April 27, 2017), for CUDA 8.0 fixed the problem

To test your neural network run: