So today I had to debug some stuff within our Azure Functions but when running the solution with Visual Studio 2019 I was receiving this lovely error:

Cannot start the Azure Storage Emulator. Please run as Administrator

I believed it will get setup automatically, but it didn't. So here is how I solved it:

  1. Make sure Azure Storage Emulator is installed
  2. Add AzureStorageEmulator.exe to PATH
  3. Run the following commands:

If you get message like this:

Cannot create database 'AzureStorageEmulatorDb59' : The database 'AzureStorageEmulatorDb59' does not exist. Supply a valid database name. To see available databases, use sys.databases

Using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) connect to your localdb instance and create AzureStorageEmulatorDb59 database.

Once that's done run these command again:

You might not need to run the first one.